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Gencer Savas is a professional percussion artist who has been playing and recording with many famous native and foreign musicians and singers. He did studiowork and concerts over about 25 years.

In 2004, he also took place on the world music market, with an own production a vinyl record, labeled  by Lord of Funk Records from Swiss.

On the other hand, he played with the bands Siyesiyebend and Alatav which lead the street music in Turkiye and have a world wide reputation with their music. National Channel, TRT, BBC, Arte TV from France, American Art Institute made documentares about both street bands, besides they contributed many other documentaries and short movies by their music.

Savas is interested in many kinds of music from all around the world like of course Turkish Percussion but also Brazilian Percussion, Latin, African and Indian. He is also using different Materials for his percussion sounds and instruments.

In 2013, he gave lessons about Brazilian, African and Turkish percussions at the Yeditepe University in Istanbul.

Gencer Savas is an official artist of Istanbul Agop Cymbals, Meinl Percussion, Agner Drumsticks, Aquadrum and Bandin Tabla.

In 2014, he released a mobile application for children which is called FOTON DRUM a virtual recyled drum which he is still playing on stage during tours.


Besides this, he released another mobile application which is named TURKISH PERCUSSION LESSON it is the first turkish percussion lesson application.


He is also working in chill out and lounge music and released a single named SUDAN on Itunes which also took a place to the complations Chill Out Ibiza and World of Chill Out 2014.

Savas continues his music carreer with his own projects which are Gencer Savas Brass Band, Gencer Savas Water Drum Show, Lubnan Drum Show and Led Drum Show.

He is the creator of the led drum as a form of asma davul which is played at the world wide weddings.

He keeps release his music on Spotify.  

He also sells his NFT music on Rarible.


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